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(NOTE: If you enter a value end with "%" sign in any criteria input box, it means you want to get all license records from this field with beginning part value you just input.)
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There is no result returned for your criteria.

This page allows you to access regulatory information for Individuals and Businesses Licensed, Registered, Permitted, Certified or otherwise approved to perform activities regulated bureaus.


You can select as many or few of the available search criteria as needed to refine your search.

License Number- If you know the license number for the Individual or Business you are trying to find, Enter here. This will return only the records specific to this license number.

Facility- If you want to search by the name of a Business, enter here. Please note many facilities have similar names and some facilities will have multiple records to accommodate various license types.

For example:

First Name- First name of an Individual. If you want to search for a Business use the Facility Field.

Last Name- Last name of an Individual. If you want to search for a Business use the Facility Field.

Program- List of programs within a bureau that regulates specific license types.

Program Detail- This provides a list of specific License types within a program. In order to use this field, you must first select a Program in the Program field. There are some programs that require the use of the Classification field. If you do not see the License type you are searching for, go to the Classification field.

Status-These fields allow you to see all Licenses at a certain status. (e.g. active, expired)

Classification- This field is used to further select a specific license type within a Program.

City-This field allows you to search by a city name.

Category-This is field to select types of Limited Radiologic Technologists.

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 For Additional Information questions you can Call or Email:

(855) 824 4357 or ADPEREHreg@idph.Iowa.gov.

If you have any questions on License or Program visit: Please contact the appropriate program staff or Click on the link https://idph.iowa.gov/regulatory-programs